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faces of greece

Greece, April 2010.

chatting in mykonos

arresting stare

playful pups

santorini pup

athenian street music

tavla, backgammon athenian style

athenian pup

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colors of greece

Greece, April 2010.

mykonos white and blue

mykonos sky blue and stone white

mykonos red-orange

mykonos purple

santorini pink and blue

santorini green and blue

santorini orange

athenian gradations of white and blue

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it’s all greek to me

Athens, April 2010

athens from above

the acropolis in bloom

an early morning at the parthenon

high into the sky, temple of olympian zeus

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empire state of mind pt 2

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chasing sunsets pt 2

mykonos, april 2010

table for none


in perpetuity

sunset for one

mykonos red-orange

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chasing sunsets

santorini, april 2010

sunset #1:

sun setting in fira, santorini

the sun has set

dusk falls upon fira

sunset #2:

sun setting in oia, santorini

dusk in oia

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empire state of mind

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small success #2

Another small success :)

An inclusion in the April 2010 LSE Perspectives photo gallery:


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