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Driving along the Seven Lakes Drive in the Hudson River Valley this past weekend, I was reminded why autumn is still my favorite time of the year.  The leaves emanated brilliant hues of yellow, orange, red, green, and even purple.

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a quiet moment in the library

new york public library

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Amy Meatpacking/Highline Preview

Miss Amy has been living in NYC for almost 5 years now and we wanted to do a shoot that highlighted Amy’s big city personality.   We started off in the Meatpacking District and ended at the Highline, an area that as a whole is hip, vibrant, and unpretentiously beautiful much like Amy.

The raw and colorful Meatpacking area was the perfect place to begin our afternoon.

A gorgeous, successful young woman who is unafraid to let loose and have fun.

The “golden hour” at the Highline provided a warm, serene ambiance in which to wrap up with some more personal, quiet shots.

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hints of fall in central park

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