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empire state of mind pt 2

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chasing sunsets

santorini, april 2010

sunset #1:

sun setting in fira, santorini

the sun has set

dusk falls upon fira

sunset #2:

sun setting in oia, santorini

dusk in oia

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“Where the land ends and the sea begins”  -Luís de Camões

R and I recently went on a trip to Portugal.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the country.  It’s very distinct (surprising to me because of its smaller size and its frequent association with Spain, at least in my mind).  The people, food, architecture, landscapes were all very unique.  And I loved it.

Some photos from Lisboa.

lisbon street

lots of stray cats in lisboa

alfama area

coffee at hotel bairro alto

alfama at dusk

alfama/tagus river

evening trolley

The following were taken at Sintra, a town about 45 minutes by train outside of Lisbon.  Sintra was a favorite summer getaway for past kings.

pena palace

the Queen's Terrace at the Pena Palace

pena palace

Palácio Nacional de Sintra

sintra alley

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sacre-coeur at dusk

My mom and I climbed to the top of the hill on which the Sacre-Coeur sits.  It was well worth the time and energy.  There is a fantastic view of Paris from the top.  And we happened to be there right around sunset (4:30PM), thus managing to catch the 20-30 most beautiful minutes of the day where the sun’s rays fall on the church, creating beautiful hues of orange, yellow, and pink.

exiting the sacre coeur

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sunset at hyde park


swimming into the sunset



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